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[That was amazing. ☆ You're amazing - and I don't care if I seem to have lost my ability to use pretty words, because I do believe you know exactly what I feel, now.

Sorry about Naota this morning. He's such a brat - don't worry about Teppei last night. Though, you look lovely when you blush. ;) Speaking of, I do believe that poor cab driver thinks we're both freaks - and he seemed to believe you are female. :P]

Mn. Ihavenoidea what thatwasallabout, butitseems I was speakinginverse for abetterpart ofthe weekend. Ofcourse, the sheer weirdnessofthat fact aside, JackalandI won allourmatches yesterday, which meeeeans~ wewonthe doubles division. ;D Thankstoeveryone that cameoutto supportus. ☆ And sorrytoeveryone that hadtoexperience thedancing. You’re a lovelydancer, Seii-chan. ☆

Freedom! Ihavea pieceofpaper withmy name writtenproperly that saysthatI have beenatthat damnschool forthreeyears. Sensei approached metoday to tellmehe thoughtIwas a realjoy to haveinglass... andaddedthat he would missthechaos that "Taki-kun" andI had caused.

JackalandI went shoppingtoday forsome newclothes for Hawaii. Aaaand, Igota secondpiercing inmy ears. :D Actually, Isomehowmanaged to convince Jackal to getapiercing himself. Everyonemakesure to tellJackal how sexy helooks, because damn. Ifthatwon’t have the girls alloveryou, nothingwill, Jakkun. Speaking of hot, Haginosuke, whatwouldyouthink of a little privatefashionshow tonight? I’d liketo showyou whatIgot for Hawaii. You know, makesure it’s all appropriateattire. ;) ☆

Ah – Kikumaru-kun, sorryaboutthat… um… yeah. Apologize toyourparents onmybehalf, aswell, please. Promise that’s thelastone forawhile. ;) Can’t haveablackeye when I’m tryingtomake a goodimpression ontheinlaws. ☆

Just acoupledays, now. ☆ We're leaving Wednesdaymorning for Hawaii. Jackal youhaveto keepyourphone on. :/ Justincase I callyou. And tellyouhow hotyoulook. ;)

[I’m actually… nervous. I’ve never been so nervous in my whole life. I was going to drop by his mother’s house tomorrow under the pretense of helping him pack. I’d probably only manage to distract him – not that I’m about to complain about that. ☆

I hope to get Iwata-san's blessing... I'm just going to have to find an excuse to get him alone for a few minutes. Mn. Maybe I should speak to his mother, as well... though, overall, she didn't seem upset when we, uh, explained ourselves yesterday, just surprised. Perhaps I could ask her to distract Haginosuke for me while I speak with Iwata-san.

Teppei asked me this morning if the sundaes were good. Brat. :/ And Naota should know better by now than to come into my room in the morning. Doesn't help that he seems to like to flirt with Haginosuke. Ugh. I want new brothers.]

Idobelieve Iwaspromised a celebrationdinner withmyfamily. Apparently Mom wantsmeto dressup. .-. Whereisshe takingme? Jackal, youshouldcome withus~ MomandDad said itwouldbe okay. 'Suke-kun, too~ ☆We can dothe fashionshow after. ;)

[ooc: strikes deleted, small screened to Taki. :D; Thankfully, on both counts. Obviously, the muffin has worn off.

When Bunta and Jackal went out shopping today (directly following graduation), Jackal got a piercing in one ear after Bunta widdled his willpower down. Bunta also got a second piercing in the lobes, as he said above. Bunta doubtlessly subjected Jackal to helping him pick out outfits, on top of the earrings and the other shopping which required Jackal's advice. ;)

As a sort of random note, Bunta and Taki were probably just on time to graduation, and a good half-hour or so later than they were asked to be.

I'm not letting him update anymore. >/]
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